Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas vacation crafts Day 1- Shrinky Dinks

I wanted to do some crafty things with the kids over Christmas vacation and the first days project was a hit.  We made key chains.  Mine is for my work key and the kids are putting theirs on their backpacks.

Materials needed:
Shrinky Dink plastic
Stamps or Cricut machine with Mini Sharpie holder
Colored Pencils or Sharpies
Crop-a-dile (or hole punch)
Heat tool
string (we used fishing line)
key chain rings or similar

1. Stamp your image or use your Cricut and Sharpie Marker holder ( to draw your image. 
2. Cut out your image using your Cricut, scissors, or punch.
3.Color in your image with Sharpies or colored pencils.
4. Punch a hole in the top of your image.
5. Use your heat tool to shrink the image.  Use a tweezers to hold the shrinky dink plastic down so you don't burn your fingers.
6. String the fishing line through the hole in your image.  Place the image like a necklace pendant; in the middle of the line.  Bring together the two ends of the line and start beading.
7. When you are done beading; tie the line to the ring/clasp of your choice.

I am excited for tomorrows project!  The kids are going to love it!


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Cute! Can't wait to see the coming days' projects! :)

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