Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Countdown - 10 days til Christmas!!!!!!

Here is a simple ornament you can make.

1.Take some patterned paper and cut it into strips of 2" x 12". 
2. Score the entire length of each strip every 1/2"
3. Cut off one rectangle from one of your strips.
4. Attach the two strips together with some adhesive.
5. Cut out 2-2" circles and set aside.
6. Accordion fold the strips and they will fall into a circular shape automatically.
7. Use some fast drying liquid adhesive (such as Zip Dry) and adhere the circles to the front and back of the ornament and hold in place until dry.
8. Decorate as you wish. I simply added a Peel off sticker from Best Creations. (You could also stamp on a 1 3/4" circle, add a sticker; etc.)

-You could also do a second layer by cutting 4"x12" strips and doing the same.
-Another fabulous effect would be to use an edger punch to add some detail to your ornaments.  (I ran out of time today....otherwise I indended on doing this....maybe I will get a chance later tonight to add another layer to this ornament :) )

I have some SUPER exciting news to share but I have to wait for the OK.  
Can't wait to share....I am super excited!!!!!!!! 


Have a great day!!!!!!!


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